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Tours and prices

Tour package "V gosti k Dedu Morozu” (“A visit to Father Frost")

Duration: 1 night (2 days/1 night)

On your request and advance order the itinerary of the tour and its duration might be changed.

Day 1.

Arrival to Velikiy Ustuyg. Transfer. Accommodation at the hotel (12:00).


Ded Moroz Veliky Ustyg

Guided tour to the tower-chamber of Father Frost.

Every room there has its magic purpose: an office, a bedroom with a carving bed and feather beds in it, a well-known throne room. Exactly there on that throne Father Frost works miracles. You will have the opportunity to speak to the kind magician, take a picture with him and ask him about the latest New Year’s news. A meeting with Father Frost and his entourage, a walk along the fairy-tale path, seeing inhabitants of the fairy wood will make unforgettable impression on you.

In accordance with your desire we can arrange a trip by a deer team or a snowmobile drive (extra service for additional charge).

Entertainment program in Patrimonial Estate of Farther Frost.


Ded Moroz Veliky Ustyg

Day 2


Are you bored with the monotony of daily routine? Do you enjoy wide open spaces up to the horizon, stepwise going up to the sky forests, white snow-covered plains and snowstorm’s dance of snowflakes? Do you what to see how to live villagers, to enrich your inner world by new impression and knowledge, to revive your memories of granny’s story-teller's, to meet the custodians of the historic memory of the Russian people and to impart this knowledge to the children?

We are ready to help you! Unique entertainment programs in the village where everything is permeated by ethnic colour and the best folk customs and traditions of the Russian festivity and hospitality are at your disposal! You will be able to gain an insight into the original rural world of the Russian North, to touch upon the background, to be imbued by beauty, simplicity and wisdom of the traditional peasant way of life, the habits of the northern village.

Journey to village Barsukovo.

"Without a horse, Russia – mother is empty too ".

Going horse riding, master-class in hamessing a horse, riding, feeding horses.

Journey back to the city.


Guided city walking tour "The ancient city reveals secrets…"

A guided tour along the ancient side streets of Velikiy Ustuyg will lift slightly to adults and to children too, the veil over the secrets of the ancient city that has glorious history. You will be offered a wonderful opportunity to see the unique monuments of the north- Russian architecture of XVII – XIX centuries (Cathedral Yard; Prokopiy’s Pious Cathedral that was built in honor of the famous Saint of Velikiy Ustuyg; the architectural complex of Mikhaylo –Arkhhangel’sky and Spaso-Preobrazhensky monasteries). You will walk along the embankment of the river Sukhona from where a magnificent view opens up the city as well as the opposite river’s embankment where the village Dymkovskaya Sloboda is located.

The visit of the city residence of Father Frost.

In the light spacious halls of the city residence of Father Frost prevails fabulous atmosphere Right here in the Magic hall you can see how the magic in the homeland of the Russian Father Frost is performed, who assists the magician to make a dream come true, but a true and routine life to make a dream. The Good Dream’s fairy will generously share her magic knowledge and abilities with you and the assistants of Father Frost will demonstrate their skills. For the youngest guests of the residence a theatrical drum will start its miraculous turning and a magic voice will tell a fairy tale about the lost and new-found stick of the Winter Wizard. By the decree of Father Frost at his calendar the Good Dream’s fairy has prepared a test for you: do you know what is to be seen evidently in this calendar? Surely you are to manage it!

Ded Moroz Veliky Ustyg

Then you welcome to the Throne Hall of the residence. It is a solemn moment for the Host of the residence of opening "The Book of Good Deeds" and to tell about his achievements. You will be given an honor to sit for a while on the decorated by fairy-tale woodcarving magic throne of Father Frost. In the city residence you can meet local skillful masters owning the secrets of famous craft. The will show you the elements of Vologoda lace-making, shemogodsky upper birch bark caving and northern wood painting. You can also to purchase some souvenirs in the shop of the city residence and they will remind you about the meeting with Father Frost and the trip into his winter fairy-tale.

The visit of the Father Frost Post Office.

Letters and postcards from around the world are delivered into the Father Frost post office by snowmen-postal workers and by ordinary postmen, and then the letters are sorted in the fairy post office in Velikiy Ustuyg. Every dream is good, the cherished one is taken into account, then it is given to Father Frost and after that it is reported that it has been fulfilled. You will make yourself sure how the work of Father Frost is important, the result of it is impressive because of the amount of good deeds are being done by Father Frost and his assistants.

Visit to the Exhibition or an interactive museum event.

To see, to feel, to something for somebody, to do something by your hands! This is the moto for those who want to create something themselves. You will be offered this happy chance during the interactive event in the museum of Velikiy Ustuyg. The history is reviving, becoming tangible and visible.

Visiting souvenir shops .



The price for the tour per person in Roubles:

The price includes:

  • Group transfer
  • meals
  • tour and sightseeing service according to the itinerary
  • group guide service
  • visit of the Patrimonial estate (Votchina) (Fairy-tales’ path, Father Frost house, Winter Garden)
  • game program
  • visit to City residence, the Post office
  • sightseeing tour round the city Velikiy Ustuyg
  • interactive museum events

For extra charges:

Sweet gift - 350 roubles + 50 roubles (handing over)

Letter of credence - 50 roubles + 50 roubles (handing over)

Price of train tickets:

A compartment: adult - 8 500 Roubles, child (till 10 years) - 4250 Roubles;

Second-class sleeping carriage, a berth: adult-5 000 Roubles, child (till 10 years) - 2500 Roubles.